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Enjoy the best entertainment at your fingertips, in the comfort of your home. Click here to check out our step-by-step augmented reality installation video (you will need to point your phone camera at the card that comes with your Ultra Plug & Play Box)

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Install your box in a few simple steps

Do note that your Ultra Box and Astro SIM Card will be sent to you in two separate deliveries. Please match your SIM Card to the correct Ultra Box by checking your SIM Card Letter for the corresponding Serial Numbers

Step 1

Insert Astro SIM card slowly, chip-side facing down. Connect cables (power, HDMI, LAN) and switch on your box

Step 2

Choose your preferred language, resolution (select ‘Auto’) then select ‘IPTV Plug & Play’ (self-install)

Step 3

Connect to your home internet via LAN cable or Wi-Fi and confirm successful connection. For IPTV customers, click here

Step 4

Press ‘Update Now’ to download and install the software updates

Step 5

Wait for the box activation process to complete and simply press ‘Finish’

Step 6

Press ‘Home’ button and enjoy!

Box Retrieval

Box Retrieval

If there is an old Astro Box being replaced with the Plug & Play Box, please take note of these steps.

Need Help

Need help?

You can drop us a line if you need further assistance. Please feel free to get in touch with us through our WhatsApp channel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Plug & Play Box?

Astro’s Plug & Play Box is our latest box where users can enjoy the latest Astro box simply by connecting it to the TV and internet. There is no longer a need to schedule or pay for an installation. By connecting your Plug & Play Box to home broadband, you will be able to do the following:

Watch your channels over the Internet. No more rain fade!
Never miss your favourite shows again as you can stream LIVE events from the beginning, or simply pause and resume the program as you wish.
Access a library of over 65,000 videos on demand. Catch-up or binge-watch full episodes whenever you like.
Access your recordings anytime on TV or the Astro GO app via Cloud Recording.

Other features include pause on TV and continue watching on the Astro GO app, enhanced search capabilities and more.

How do I get the Plug & Play Box?

If you are interested to upgrade your box, you can do so via one of Astro’s retailers or online as follows:

I. Visit

II. Choose a pack (can be the same existing pack) and proceed

Under ‘Installation Method’ choose the Plug & Play option.

Why are some shows/channels unavailable on my Ultra Plug & Play Box even though they are part of my subscription?

Not all shows/channels will be available on the Ultra Plug & Play Box as this depends on contractual rights with specific guidelines on the entitlement of these shows/channels and what you have as a part of your subscription.

  • Customers subscribing to Ultra Plug & Play Box with Astro Broadband will not have access to 1 (one) Channel.
  • Customers subscribing to Ultra Plug & Play Box without Astro Broadband will not have access to 6 channels based on their subscription (Please refer to full list below)

Please be assured that we are continuously working hard to make more content available on the Ultra Plug & Play Box.

If you prefer to have all these channels, we recommend that you choose the Satellite dish option for the Ultra Box.

Unavailable channels are as below:

Please take note that radio channels will also be unavailable via your Ultra Plug & Play Box.

Alternatively, you can install the free Syok App to access Astro Radio channels (

Do I have to pay an installation fee for the Plug & Play Box?

If you choose to self-install the Plug & Play Box, then no installation fee will be charged. However, there will be an activation fee (please refer to the table below):

Better yet Whatsapp us at to find out the latest special offers we have for you.

If you choose to have an installer to install the Plug & Play Box, then an installation fee will also apply.

How do I receive the Plug & Play Box and Astro SIM card?

After order submission, the Plug & Play Box and Astro SIM card will be couriered separately to your service address. The delivery dates with the tracking numbers will be communicated via SMS.

The Plug & Play Box and Astro SIM card should arrive within 3-working days after your order submission.